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Create a beautiful timeline of your life

The timeline is the story of your life

Each memorable moment you experienced has a place on the timeline.
  • Liife moments

    Moments you don’t want to forget

    You create the timeline of your life by saving your most important moments and memories.

    May, 1967

    Holiday in Wales with Dad

    in Wales, United Kingdom
    Liife - Holiday in Wales with Dad
  • Liife shared with your friends

    Shared with the people that matter

    Invite your close friends and family to remember the moments you shared.

    June 15, 2015
    Linda Brian Louis Michelle Rachel Rebecca Roy

    Tim's birthday barbecue

    in East London, United Kingdom
    Liife - Tim's birthday barbecue
  • Liife Photos

    Photos in the right context

    Easily share both your old and new photos. Access and download them anytime, anywhere.

    June 15, 2015
    Linda Brian Louis

    Ski holiday with the family

    in Chamonix, France
    Liife - Ski holiday with the family

What Liife stands for

And we’re just getting started but these are our values.
  • Social without the noise and pressure

    It’s easy to get lost in the sea of updates from social networks. Liife is the place for the important moments.

  • Free

    We do not use your personal data to serve ads.

  • Easy on any device

    Use Liife on your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. iOS and Android apps are coming later this year.

  • Closed to the outside world

    A moment can only be seen by the people you manually invite. No more complicated privacy settings.

Start your timeline now

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