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Tour – Liife

This is Liife

Liife is a service that allows you to plot your life's timeline by remembering the important moments you experienced and the people you shared them with.

What is a moment?

A moment can be anything such as a favourite holiday with your best friends, a great party, a wedding or that amazing concert you went to.
June 15, 2015
Linda Brian Louis

Ski holiday with the family

in Chamonix, France
Liife - Ski holiday with the family
  • Natural Dates

    Most of us can’t remember exact dates. This is why in Liife, dates are how you remember them.

  • Unlimited photos

    Moments are better with photos. Liife moments are a great reason to bring your old photos into the digital world.

  • Friends

    Start inviting the ones that you shared your most memorable moments with.

  • Conversation

    A place where people invited to a moment can add comments.

  • Write the story

    Some moments deserve a proper story. You and your friends can write that together.

  • Privacy

    Your moments are only seen by people you and your friends manually invite. Everything else is private to you.

Liife Timeline

Your Timeline

Once you start adding your first moments, you'll start to see the timeline of your life take shape. Try to remember moments from each period.
  • Searchable

    Search your timeline for keywords, people or places.

  • Collaborative

    The moments shared by friends show up in your timeline.

  • Jump to a year

    Easily jump to a specific year or see any gaps in your timeline.

  • Much more on the way

    We're just getting started with what you can do on the timeline.


Each moment in your life relates to a different group of people and we recognise that.
  • Just familiar faces

    Liife is for you and your close friends & family. Invite them over to remember the moments you shared together.

  • Real moments with real people

    We're focusing on things that happened in the real life. We believe people need a private way to save the moments they lived.

  • Frictionless privacy

    Only people invited to a moment can see it. If you want to remove yourself from a moment, you can also do that.

Liife Photos

A safe place to keep your photos

Liife moments are a great reason to bring your old photos into the digital world.
  • Backup your old photos

    Go and get that box of old photos, use your smartphone to take a copy and instantly upload them into a Liife moment.

  • Capture moments as they happen

    You can add photos to moments as they happen. This way you'll always have an updated timeline with lots of great photos.

  • Collaborative photo galleries

    All the people invited to a moment can contribute photos. No more looking for someone else's photos from that trip you took together.

  • Unlimited storage

    We don't limit the number of photos you can add to a moment or to Liife in general.


Our pledge to privacy

Before we begin, this is a promise and a manifesto.

Everything we ask and you answer will remain private to you and only your friends that you wish to share particular moments with.

The world will not see your data or photos or have access to them.

We are not other social networks.

Start your timeline now

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